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About Us

The Institution of Railway Signal and Telecom Engineers.

The object and purpose for which the institution is established are to promote:

  • The general advancement of the science and technology and practice of signaling and Telecommunication by discussion, inquiry, experiment and other means.
  • To accept any rewards or gifts of donations what so ever towards the objects of the Institution in any form and to invest the same or the proceeds of its sales and apply the income arising therefrom for any of the objects of the institution.
  • To affiliate ,combine or co- operate with any other association , society or institution having objects similar in general respects to those of this Institution or capable of being conducted so as to directly or indirectly benefit this institution or promote the objects for which this institution is formed to promote, so that none of the funds of this institution would be paid to any such other association, society or institution which does not prescribe the payment of any dividend or profit to its members.
  • To invest any moneys of the institution upon such investments and in such a manner as may from time to time be considered desirable.

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